AmCham MENA - Letter From the Chairman

Letter from the Newly Appointed Chairman
Mr. Mohammed Bataineh
Chairman, AmCham Jordan

Dear AmCham MENA Council Members,

AmCham Jordan is delighted to take on the chairmanship of the AmCham MENA Regional Council. A council built on fostering regional cooperation while coordinating efforts among AmChams to promote greater business opportunities between the United States and the Middle East North Africa region. The initial MoU of launching the AmCham Middle East North Africa (MENA) Regional Council initiative was signed in Amman, Jordan in December 2004, 14 years later, AmCham Jordan is more adamant and dedicated on fulfilling the Council's goals and values ranging from commitment to free trade, opening of regional markets, protection of intellectual property rights, and accession to international agreements.

The MENA Region is filled with enormous investment opportunities for US companies to expand into growing markets, highlighting the importance of enhancing bilateral commercial ties between the United States and MENA countries in order to encourage swifter economic stability. We, as a MENA community must do more to tangibly reform and cultivate investments amongst each other by encouraging increased trade and policy that promote ease of access.

AmCham Jordan vows to further cultivate economic and social ties among the Council members by creating a stronger network and an open line of communication to build stronger ties and improve the links amongst the Council members. Each AmCham is uniquely different and successful on its own merit but we can all benefit from each other’s expertise and lend support to one another to further grow and improve productivity.

Today, Jordan is an oasis of peace and stability, maintaining its resilience while coping with the fallout from regional crises. We recognize the importance of remaining at the forefront of developing market needs, technologies and innovation, which is why AmCham is expanding our partnerships with leading academic, research and business institutions, with the aim of moving forward with the Technology Transfer: Commercialization of Innovation program that targets Jordanian SME’s in the fields of innovation and technology, further supporting them to expand their reach within the Kingdom and beyond.

I am honored and humbled to serve as Chairman of a Council dedicated to enhance and elevate the business ties across the MENA region. As a Chamber, we are also privileged to have amongst our partners and sponsors some of the leading Jordanian and US companies representing the best of what Jordan has to offer. The AmCham-Jordan team, Board, and I as its Chairman, will do our utmost to stay in touch with you, and to jointly work on many important issues to be tackled during the forthcoming period.


Eng. Mohammed S. Bataineh,
The American Chamber of Commerce


AmCham MENA Transition Letter

Dear AmCham MENA Council Members:  

AmCham Bahrain has had the privilege to serve as AmCham MENA Council Chair from 2016 -2018.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Secretariat of the AmCham MENA Council at AmCham Egypt for its ongoing and extensive support. 

AmCham Bahrain was honored to host the annual AmCham MENA regional forum in March 2017 under the theme “SMEs: Unlocking the Economic Potential in the MENA Region,” highlighting the role of SMEs in promoting the region’s economic development as well as the potential for expanding trade and investment relations between markets of the MENA region and the United States.  The two day forum was attended by more than 250 high-level delegates from 12 countries including senior representatives from the U.S. and MENA governments, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, multilateral financing institutions, private sector leaders, entrepreneurs and members of the regional AmChams, as well as, representatives from other regional U.S. Business Councils and a broad range of international and regional business associations.  In addition, the “MENA-U.S. Trade & Investment Report 2017” was launched thanks to the professional work of AmCham Egypt.

Finally, we look forward to working closely with Eng. Mohammed S. Bataineh, Chairman of AmCham Jordan, the Council’s new Chair and with his very capable team and all other member AmChams to continue to create opportunities for business and commerce, and investment to expand and to enhance economic growth.


Qays H. Zu'bi
President, AmCham Bahrain
President of AmCham Bahrain