BSF “Best Solution Finance”

Free Fiagnosis or Consultation
On any Financial or Cash Flow Management, Accounting, Audit or Tax Issue

Embracing International Concepts and High Standards, BSF, with its Financial Management/Business Advisory/ Expertise, supports BUSINESS OWNERS, CEOs, CFOs & FINANCE DEPARTMENTS to:
?Control companies' operations from all the angles & make better business decisions
?Transfer distinctive knowledge, skills & values to Finance Departments
? Provide audit assurances the business is running according to received financial information ‘True & Fair View’ & controls’ weaknesses are improved 

One of BSF’s exclusive & of high value part-time CFO services is to EMPOWER companies with a ‘Customized-Per-Industry/Company’ Financial Management Reporting System to assist management in:

  • Enhancing visibility, strategies & execution, growth, profits & cash
  • Selling more & focusing on higher value revenue goods & services
  • Optimizing costs & processes
  • Identifying business patterns & changes
  • Staying prepared for any emergency

Up to 20% Discount on Training

BSF, in collaboration with Executive Education, USA, with 50+ different Financial Training Workshops based on real-world corporate experience, brings American education to companies in the Middle East. These workshops are specifically designed for key & strategic professionals and focused on issues companies face today. 

BSF offers all AmCham members up to 20% discount on Public/In-House/Individual/Customized Training.

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Telefax: +961 1 385 825