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AmCham MENA Regional Council

Welcomes AmCham Dubai and AmCham Qatar as Members

The AmCham MENA Regional Council is proud to announce the joining of two new member organizations; AmCham Dubai and AmCham Qatar. This affiliation marks an important stride for this regional network, adding almost 500 new members to the Council Membership, now reaching almost 4000 members representing different sectors around the region.

AmCham Dubai, also known as The American Business Council in Dubai and historically as “ABC Dubai”, was the first bilateral trade organization established in the U.A.E. and operates under the local patronage of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry. AmCham Dubai’s membership comprises U.S. Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, U.A.E. organizations, as well as American and Emirati individuals across all sectors of business and industry.  AmCham Dubai’s portfolio of activities includes services tailored to support U.S. businesses operating in Dubai, SME support programs and advocacy efforts.

AmCham Qatar, launched in 2010 works on fostering mutual cooperation and understanding between Qatar and the United States through trade, commerce and investment. AmCham Qatar’s membership comprises 90 members. Through a variety of programs, AmCham Qatar serves as a forum in which American business people in Qatar can identify, discuss and pursue common commercial interests and contribute to the development of a vibrant private sector in Qatar. Qatar hosts around 30 events each year.

In welcoming AmCham Dubai and AmCham Qatar to the AmCham MENA Council, AmCham MENA Council Chairman, and President of AmCham Jordan, Mohammed S. Bataineh, mentioned;“We are very delighted and proud to have the AmChams of Dubai and Qatar join the family of MENA AmChams. Both are important and effective new participants. With them we are now 10 member countries stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf. This will not only increase trade and investment between the region and the USA, but also among the members themselves in an area that has great potential and in need of more linkages, cooperation, intra-trade and investment. We look forward to engaging with our newest members AmCham Dubai and AmCham Qatar, and to share with them our programs, plans and activities to the benefit of all the AmCham MENA Regional Council members.”

Given this expanded network, the Council will work on fostering increased collaboration and cooperation amongst the members, promoting greater business opportunities between the United States and the MENA Region, effectively linking the various Members, enhancing the sharing of knowledge and expertise between different organizations, as well as institutionalizing their ongoing coordination with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.